Sales have been suspended currently. Am in the process of updating and changing distributors. Hopefully, this will be a quick move and I will have the novel back out for sale shortly.

Heartland Strike is officially here. Today I am extremely proud to announce that the novel I’ve spent the last several years working on is out. You can purchase a copy at any of the below online retailers. And e-books are available as well.



After a heinous terrorist attack striking an iconic piece of American culture in the Country’s heartland, veteran FBI Agent, Fred Jones, is partnered with CIA Analyst Sophia Evans who has a beleaguered past herself. The pair are then tasked with stopping an impending forewarned series of attacks. Attacks which are designed to strike fear in the heart of every American.

Learning which city is in the cross-hairs of the terrorist cell called the AIA and their homicidal leader Amell al-Gharsi. The duo launches a plan to stop the group once and for all. However, when things go awry, they learn that to stop Amell, they must journey to Perim Island off the coast of Terrorist haven Yemen. There they learn that the real threat to America may lie much closer to home.