Impacts Series

This is a short story series about the fictional character of Mr. Robert Pikeman. It follows the titular character as he tries to discover his purpose in life following a tragic accident. He’s lost his place in the world. How does one rise from the ashes of tragedy?

Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Reason

Robert Pikeman is a man with no purpose. Or so he thinks. How does one respond when the life they dreamed of is stripped away from them?

Misery Commiserates

After waking up in the hospital, Robert is led to someone who he can commiserate with. Through a shared nightmare can his experiences help another.

Today As If No Tomorrow

Robert is being questioned by a detective, when they are suddenly interrupted. Following his guiding light, he proceeds to trail the detective discovering he can help the officer in another way.

The Protector

Robert is put in a position to complete something he yearned to do in a prior life.

Conquering Demons

Everyone has their demons, and everyone has to choose just how to conquer said demons. How will Robert best his

Ripple Effects

Here everything comes full circle. Can the ‘man without a purpose’ find his?

Discussion about the Series