When an ancient scroll is unearthed during an excavation of the city of Troy, the daughter of a disgraced archaeologist Athene James is asked to help decipher its contents. As it is written in the dead language of  the Trojans; Luwian. Which only Athene can translate. It is a written transcript of the last days of the Trojan War and signed by Aeneas. A long-believed mythological king. In the text, the Aegis, the shield of Zeus, is mentioned. The shield, according to mythology, possesses great power.

The scroll sets off a search to decipher the clues left behind that will lead them to discover Aeneas’ tomb and the shield. Aided by her archaeologist godfather Sam Frazier, reporter Jackson Miles, bodyguard Michael Johns, and backed by billionaire Jonathan Pearce. Athene and her team traverse the Mediterranean Sea, going from the farmlands of Italy to the peak of Mount Erice in Sicily. The team isn’t alone in their search, however. Members of a millennia-old secret society also seek the Aegis for themselves. Who will win the race?